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Track your Project’s complete carbon cycle

The Landscape Carbon Calculator gives you the power to be a part of the global climate solution. It shows us our complete CO2 relationship: Emissions and Capture. It’s a new tool to help evolve design strategy so we can see whether or not we are hitting the mark. With real results in real-time.

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Track CO2 Emissions

Comprehensive emissions tracking

This is your tool to calculate emissions at the granular level. From 50,000 gallon water tanks to individual drip emitters. This calculator gives you a detailed view of emissions so you can more effectively meet your goals


Track CO2 Capture

Emissions-Sequestration= Equilibrium Timeline

We need to track more than emissions. We need to track what we sequester! Enter the square footage of your landscape into 4 different plant categories to calculate how much carbon your landscape will sequester per annum.

We will do the math and provide you with a chart that displays how long your landscape will take to sequester the carbon emitted to build it.

Track Your Full Carbon Picture

Landscape Carbon Calculator
Part of the global climate solution

With over 300 data inputs the calculator not only tracks your carbon footprint and at a very granular level but also your sequestration capabilities so you can determine how long your project will take to reach equilibrium and become part of the global climate solution.

Hardscape Icon


Calculate the materials, for walls, edging, flatwork, and more.
Grading Icon

Grading & Land Clearing

CO2 is released from soil and plant material during these activities.
Drainage Icon


Add up everything from your drainage inlets to your aggregates.
Irrigation Icon

Irrigation & Greywater

Track piping, infrastructure, and drip materials.
Rain Catchment Icon

Rain Catchment

Validate tank, plumbing, and pump materials.
Lighting Icon


Add up your fixtures, wires and other materials.
Water Features Icon

Water Features

Plants, pumps, plastic and stone, it all adds up.
Plant Icon

Plant Material

We love plants as much as you do. Where is the CO2 here?
Soils Icon

Soils and Mulching

Even soils and mulch have a CO2 footprint.
Transportation Icon


The footprint isn’t accurate without calculating the construction vehicles.
Deliveries Icon


Let’s include the gas and diesel-powered vehicles used by your suppliers.
Equipment Icon


We can track everything from a battery-powered trimmer to diesel heavy equipment.
Sequestration Icon


Track the sequestration capabilities of all of your planting areas and plant types.
Reports graphs from the summary page
Visual Features

Clear graphics to see the whole picture

Each input category has its own page and associated bar chart. This allows you to see your results, graphically and in real-time.

Custom Features

Export graphs & charts

Every graph and chart is exportable in multiple different file types. This allows you to create your own customized report, helping to set you apart in your field.

Report graphs from the reports page
Screenshot additional materials
Extended Features

Supported Infrastructure

For your walls and dry lay flatwork, we have included your supporting infrastructure. From sand and base to concrete and rebar, it’s all included. If you want to build it differently or add more material, there is an additional materials section for you to customize.

Helpful Features

Built-in tips

Next to each input, we have placed tips , reminders, or additional instructions to help you understand the input and keep you moving efficiently and confidently through your work.

Screenshot of tooltip
What Our Customers Say

Will Bakx

This dynamic, interactive calculator allows the subscriber to identify and correct for the most carbon costly components of the landscape while maximizing carbon sequestering tools to become carbon negative.   


James Collector- Project Manager

I  signed up and input my project numbers in about 15 minutes. Easy to provide to the client at almost no cost!



Patrick Picard CEO/Owner Equinox Landscapes

All I can say is “Wow!” I am impressed. 

I just signed up for a Free Account and decided to use my new property as a first example. Very impressed with the ease of use and the clarity of the directions. Nice interface! Looking forward to seeing it through to the end of the project and seeing totals. This looks really promising as a business.”



Add Your First Project

Test the app for free

  1. Sign up for a free account and upgrade anytime
  2. Add a project
  3. Enter your input data (materials and infrastructure)
  4. Calculate your total carbon picture
  5. Find areas you can offset
  6. Be a part of the global climate solution

Membership Levels

The work to reverse climate change has to be accessible to everyone. We offer a free level with the same data calculation as the paid levels. Paid levels reflect the user’s storage capacity, ability to print reports, and customer support.

Unlimited Level

Municipality/Large Firm

Please call us at (707) 234-8529 for a customized plan that fits your specific needs.


We are here to help

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